Glad you are here. My wife and I have decided to begin a journey towards a better life.

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  • Just beet it…
    So I'm sitting here it's a sunny day. You would think it was almost be spring, it's nearly 60 degrees here and subs North Carolina. I can't stand it any longer. I've got to get outside and put something in … Read more
  • What the @#$& are we doing?
    It's mid-February and it's raining, again. I have some seeds starting and a couple of beds covered, waiting. I'm itching to get out and dig and plant. Knowing full well there are killing frost's just around the corner. So am … Read more
  • Monsoon Season?
    So last time I wrote about the crazy warm weather here in central North Carolina. Today we experienced another weird weather phenomena for this time of year, thunderstorms. As you can see, the yard is flooded. With the rain today … Read more

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